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What Do ACMs Look Like?

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) can take on many different forms; the following photos should help to give some idea of their appearance. It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and if you are in any doubt seek specialist advice.

01.jpg 02.jpg
Asbestos fire blanket Pieces of AIB
03.jpg 04.jpg
AIB ceiling tiles damaged around a light Suspended AIB ceiling tiles in a corridor
05.jpg 06.jpg
Asbestos containing vinyl floor tiles Asbestos cement downpipe, hopper and profile sheet
07.jpg 08.jpg
Damaged asbestos panelling Asbestos cement roof (weathered exterior)
09.jpg 10.jpg
Damaged asbestos cement roof Torn asbestos pipe lagging
11.jpg 11.jpg
Wall with trowelled loose asbestos Damaged asbestos pipe lagging and debris
11.jpg 11.jpg
Damaged asbestos lagging on hot water pipes Asbestos rope used as insulation on a pipe
11.jpg 11.jpg
Pipe insulated using both asbestos lagging Unscrewing of an AIB ceiling tile
11.jpg 11.jpg
Careful handling of an AIB
ceiling tile during removal
Sprayed 'limpet' asbestos on the underside
of an asbestos cement roof