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About the UKATA

UKATA - United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association will lead the way in asbestos training in the setting of standards for training in the UK.

UKATA LogoJanuary 2008 saw the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pass responsibility for managing the list of competent Asbestos Training providers to the United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA).

The United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association has been tasked with promoting the highest possible standards for all types of asbestos related training by working with official governing bodies to uphold national standards, procedures and requirements by improving training standards, procedures and disciplines.

UKATA will set standards, audit and manage the list of asbestos training providers by subjecting all members to an audit of their training prior to giving accreditation. If training has not been provided by a UKATA member, enforcing officers may ask operators to demonstrate how the competence of the training their employees received was checked.

Peter Robinson, Chairman of UKATA, said:

"There are exciting times ahead for UKATA and its members. With HSE’s support and backing, we will build on the work that HSE started with the list of asbestos training providers. Ultimately, this association will provide the benchmark of standards that asbestos training providers will have to achieve and maintain.

We are giving immediate attention to the issue of Training for Licensed Asbestos Work. I want to include competent training providers in these areas into the association as early as possible so that the whole issue of sub-standard asbestos training in tackled as a whole and the consumers given value for money."

A complete list of UKATA approved members can be viewed on the UKATA website.